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The affected children oscillate between the poles of normality and otherness and try to find a place in society in their own way and with their own needs and abilities. Their intellectual potential often makes them capable of going to a regular school — however, their particular social and communication behavior alters their social interactions with the others: consequently, the daily school routine of many children is associated with tension and mishaps.

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It often occurs aspergers dating problems they become socially isolated and inappropriately encouraged, so they can neither develop their talents nor keep positive memories of their school time cfr.

Demesp. Amsler aspergers dating problems, p. The future inclusive school has the task of adopting all children without any hierarchy and satisfying the individual needs of each.

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However, how can the inclusive school be conceived as a pleasant place and associated with success from the viewpoint of these children? Aspergers dating problems what conditions can it adjust to their exceptionality and encourage them in a productive way?

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These are the research questions that will be driving this work. First of all, the diagnostic classification of the traits of the Asperger syndrome is analyzed with its potential implications in the daily routine of the children, since they determine aspergers dating problems educational measures.

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Concluding the work, aspergers dating problems important building blocks for the future inclusive school to be attended will be approached and commented upon from my point of view as a teacher. Definitions: what is the Asperger syndrome? An international conference in laid down the diagnostic criteria for this syndrome for aspergers dating problems first time and in resp.

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DSM-IV6 cfr. Autismus Deutschland b, p.

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Attwoodp. The Asperger syndrome is included within the so-called autism spectrum7 which encompasses several autistic disabilities: at one end of the spectrum lies the Early childhood autism that starts from the first months of life and is usually associated with reduced intelligence and delayed speech development.

aspergers dating problems

Beside it lies the Atypical autism, exhibiting similar symptoms, though it does not completely fulfill the criteria for early childhood autism cfr. Schirmer b, p. The third place is occupied by high-function autism: it is deemed to be a variety of early childhood autism that nevertheless allows the affected to develop their abilities, similar to those of people with Asperger syndrome.

From early on, based on their similarity, these two terms have been used synonymously cfr. The Asperger syndrome lies at the other end of the autism spectrum: it comprises an ensemble of up to sixteen symptoms or abnormalities that surface starting with the third year aspergers aspergers dating problems problems life8 and can exhibit a wide variation range of the degrees of manifestation cfr.


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The transition to normality is fluid, as well as the transitions of other varieties from one to another. This also means that people with an autistic diagnosis can pass from one sub-group to another. In order to emphasize the variation range resp.


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The Asperger syndrome belongs, from a diagnostic system standpoint, to the group of profound development disorders that begin in early childhood and persist until adulthood, characterized by a qualitative impairment of social interaction and of the communication pattern as well as repetitive, aspergers dating problems behavior patterns or distinct special interests cfr. The symptoms are different from child to child and may change their profile within the course of the development cfr.

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Bernard-Opitzp. In addition, other development disorders11 can occur, pointing to the Asperger syndrome and requiring a precise diagnosis. Following the analysis of diagnostic evaluations, boys are affected four times as often as girls.

aspergers dating problems

Frankep. Regarding the etiology, genetic factors are incriminated as Asperger did as well as biochemical ones, although many studies have yet to be done in this area cfr.

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This impairment is obvious a. Furthermore, people with Asperger syndrome possess a diminished capacity18 of expressing their personal emotions as well as a limited, intellectualized vocabulary for describing their sensitivities.

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Since they are unable to communicate feelings e. These children also often present apparently inappropriate reactions to the behavior of another, e. It may appear that they try to calm themselves with emotional mannerisms19 e.

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The consequent adhesion to daily routines and cycles and refusal of change can also constitute a sign of fear, insecurity or low central coherency They attempt to establish order, control and a certain emotional security in their life through this obsessive behavior. As a consequence of this lack of empathy or expressiveness, aspergers dating problems often have difficulty establishing relationships especially with those of the same age and sharing interests, activities and feelings cfr.

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The interactions in terms of distance and closeness with significant others can also be problematic. They must use logical strategies to a much greater extent than the others in order to handle social situations adequately cfr.

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