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Who wants to be first? Seriously, who still wants to be second place?

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Second place is the first to lose! Why settle for second place, when you can win it all? Behold, the time has come!

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Get ready for the first-ever European Comedy Summit! Initiated by the self-proclaimed leading late-night TV talk shows of the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, and Luxemburg, this contest will feature late-night talk show hosts and professional comedians from around the world gathering for a hilarious and slightly chaotic global comedy roast.

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Call it the Battle of the Stupid, the Fight of the Bad dating videos youtube, the Clash bad dating videos youtube the Comics — we prefer to see it as an Eurovision Songcontest without all the horrible music, bad costumes, and faux internationalism. And like all creative competitions, the winner shall be determined via an archaic set of seemingly arbitrary rules without any oversight or fairness.

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Fairness is for losers -- winners win! If you have your own late night TV talk single kochen kiel and want to represent your country at the European Comedy Summit, let us know.

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And we promise you to keep you up to date as this awesome project takes shape and develops. Join the movement! Where it all began Every Second Counts Earlier this year we have launched a pan-European satire campaign available at everysecondcounts.

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The result was very, very funny, believe me, best videos ever. Email us.