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Where does she live?

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Why has she moved there? And is she happy abroad?

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Based on our Expat Insider survey, we can answer these questions and see if her experience of life abroad differs from that of her male peers. However, the actual average age is somewhat higher at The men featured how to answer single or taken the survey also have a higher average age of Women Move for Love — Men for Work What motivated all these women to try their luck in a foreign country?

If one analyzes the reasons for moving abroad by gender, the answers sound almost too stereotypical to be true. Women move abroad for love, men for work. Romance and Raising a Family Abroad Although following or joining their partner is an important reason for many women who moved abroad, not all expat women are in a committed relationship.

Love, marriage, and a baby carriage?

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Not necessarily. Apart from that, there are some stark differences between women and men living abroad. The gender-based differences are striking with regard to field of employment and working hours, too.

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All these factors combined — employment status, seniority, chosen field, and working hours — might help to explain why fewer expat women have benefited financially from their move. This is how to answer single or taken prevalent in destinations like India, Japan, or some of the Gulf States.

Both genders are equally satisfied with their life abroad and their personal life in general — up to four in five respondents give positive ratings.

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Related Articles Safety Issues for Expatriate Women Women who move abroad sometimes face safety concerns they did not necessarily alpenverein bekanntschaften to deal with at home.

Going for a walk alone or wearing your usual attire may suddenly become problematic.

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InterNations provides you with safety tips, as well as advice on dealing with risky situations. Health Issues of Women Abroad When you move abroad, you may be confronted with new challenges concerning your physical well-being.

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Your medical insurance, as well as birth control, family how to answer single or taken, and common illnesses, may raise certain difficulties. Our magazine provides you with health advice for women abroad.

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Medical Checklist for Expat Women As a woman living and working in a foreign country, you may face certain health issues which men are usually exempt from.

Read on to learn how to prepare for your new life and how to stay healthy and comfortable while living abroad.

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International Women Among expats sent on foreign assignments, international women are still "the odd man out". In both cases, international women, as well as their spouse, may face unexpected issues — find out more below. As a "trailing spouse", you take care of the family while putting your own plans on the backburner — not always an easy or rewarding job.

how to answer single or taken

Find out what it entails and how to keep your cool as an expat wife. When the boxes have been unpacked and the thrills of the new culture you find yourself living in have become well, less thrilling, how do you fill the days and beat the dreaded expat blues? Following Your Spouse Abroad?

how to answer single or taken