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This would suggest that, while the perception of being unfairly treated by an insurance company and reframing a fraudulent behaviour as non-condemnable conduct contribute to fraud acceptance, the strength of social single fraud investigation service 2019 and the degree of sanctioning would reduce fraud tolerance. From a managerial perspective, global insurance companies would take advantage from understanding the role of cultural tightness in fighting against fraud.

Single fraud investigation service 2019, the use of counter-neutralization techniques would be helpful to reduce the effect of rationalization on public tolerance for insurance fraud.

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Insurance Europe defines insurance fraud as incidents where a customer provides untruthful, incomplete or misleading information in order to single fraud investigation service 2019 losses under an insurance contract Farashah and Estelami, In broad terms, Insurance fraud refers to a deliberate deception perpetrated against an insurance company for the purpose of financial gain. Few theoretical frameworks have been developed in the marketing field and attempt to explain why and how consumers may engage in unethical behaviors such as fraud.

Among few existing works, Farashah and Estelami, found that attitude towards insurance frauds and perceptions of the probability of being caught significantly influence customer likelihood to commit insurance fraud. Attitude towards fraud was measured with a single item: "How wrong it is single fraud investigation service 2019 make an exaggerated or false insurance claim?

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All items are derived from Farashah and Estelami