Single phase vienna rectifier. 7. GaN in AC/DC Power Converters

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Harmonic numbers — Frequency components [0 1 2 3] default scalar or vector Frequency components to include in the output. Specify either a scalar value corresponding to the desired component or a vector of all desired components.

If you specify a vector, the order of the power outputs correspond to the order of this vector.

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Sequence — Symmetrical sequence Symmetrical sequence of the power output. Sample time — Block sample time 0 default positive number Time between consecutive block executions.

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During execution, the block produces outputs and, if appropriate, updates its internal state. For more information, see What Is Sample Time?

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Single phase vienna rectifier and Specify Sample Time Simulink. For continuous operation, set this property to 0. For discrete operation, specify the sample time explicitly as a positive number.

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This block does not support single phase vienna rectifier sample time. If this block is in a masked subsystem, or other variant subsystem that allows either continuous and discrete operation, promote the sample time parameter.

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Promoting the sample time parameter ensures correct switching between the continuous and discrete implementations of the block. For more information, see Promote Parameter to Mask Simulink.

Model Examples.